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Zoltron - Signed Sue Nami Sculpture - Mystery Edition of 30 & Print


Artist: Zoltron

The Sculpture: Polystone Resin (resin and limestone) sculpture

The Print: 10" X 8" silkscreen signed and embellished by Zoltron. Only these 30 HSAC exclusive prints will be signed, embosssed and ink splattered in this particular fashion. (ie. there are more in this edition, but these specific 30 prints will be unique to this release.) 

Dimensions: 9" tall /  5 pounds

Edition Details: Mystery Edition of #/30

The first Sue Nami prototype made her debut here at The Haight Street Art Center during the Family Devalues show, so it's only fitting that the mystery edition should be released here as well. 

This is the only edition is that is signed and scrawled by Zoltron. Each sculpture of the Orange/Blue Mystery colorway is unique. (All sculptures are already packaged, so we aren't able to take requests for numbers or specific versions.)

  • Signed, drawn and dated 2020 by Zoltron
  • Hand Painted & Hand Finished
  • Individually Serial Numbered 
  • Metal Reinforced Braids 
  • Screen Printed Felt Base
  • Weighs between apx. 6 lbs
  • Includes several Sue Nami Stickers

About Sue Nami...

Having been UNEARTHED herself, during A TRAGIC NATURAL CATASTROPHE, sue Nami is said to derive her extraordinary properties and powers from the turmoil and disarray surrounding natural disaster. Serving as an entrusted fetish or talisman, although she can be placed anywhere, Sue Nami is meant to guard over her holder's favorite space.

Ships securely in laser cut foam box. Multiple painting techniques were used to achieve the finish, everything from hand painting, to airbrushing and transparent shadows washes. We used various sheens, matte paints, gloss and semi-gloss finishes. Shipping will be by USPS, boxes are large and heavy. Remember: Orders are first come, first served. If you have an item in your cart, you are not guaranteed to check out with the item. Be swift. Strict policy of up to 1 of each sculpture per person, per household.