Grande Ballroom Special Event

Grande Ballroom Special Event

6:00pm-8:30pm • Free Admission


Celebrating Detroit’s Key Role In The American Counterculture:

  • Enjoy a glass of wine or beer viewing FROM DETROIT WITH LOVE, the definitive comprehensive poster, handbill and postcard collection from Russ Gibb’s legendary Grande Ballroom. This stellar exhibit is a must see for all poster fans.
  • The Gary Grimshaw Legacy Foundation will release its new Limited Edition screen print of Gary’s iconic SEAGULL, the poster that launched the Grande Ballroom poster series. All attendees will be entered in a raffle to win a free copy of this meticulously enhanced print. Copies will be on sale onsite and online starting at 6:00PM on April 19.
  • 7:00pm, Guest Panel Discussion—Join GGLF’s Laura Grimshaw as she moderates the discussion. On the panel are activist and photographer Leni Sinclair, Detroit artists Carl Lundgren and Dennis Loren, poster expert Eric King and others. They will discuss the Grande, Detroit’s 60’s art scene, and its part in the City's countercultural movement.

Admission to this free event includes one drink ticket and a chance to win a special limited edition screen print of Gary Grimshaw's SEAGULL design, pictured below.

Artwork by Gary Grimshaw, 1966. Printed at Haight Street Art Center, 2019. Signed and certified by Laura Grimshaw. Limited edition of 125. 14.25" x 21.5"