The Haight Street Art Center serves San Francisco’s thriving poster art and artist communities with education, cultural development programs, and exhibitions. Drawing upon music, art, and social and political counterculture history, we provide a space that bridges communities through social activism and artistic expression.

Haight Street Art Center strongly believes that exposure to the arts has the power to unify people of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, races and socio-economic backgrounds. With a renewed commitment to highlighting the voices of diverse and underrepresented artists and communities, we will continue to foster an inclusive, informative and inspirational space.


Haight Street Art Center (HSAC) currently serves the broader community of San Francisco through two primary channels: exhibitions and public education programming.

Exhibitions serve to connect generations through visual art and storytelling rooted in San Francisco counterculture and social justice. All exhibitions are free, and open for private tours for elders and groups who benefit from a small group setting.

Educational Programs engage intergenerational communities through screen-printing and poster making. HSAC utilizes an on-site print studio and pop-up events to raise awareness surrounding social justice issues and build bridges within local communities including; elders, youth, historically under-represented groups, and artists.

Haight Street Art Center’s Community Outreach Programs provide inspiring workshops and lectures on poster making and screen-printing for organizations including Willie Brown Jr. High School, Openhouse LGBTQ Elder Care, On Lok, and The Institute on Aging Senior Services. With educational partner Project Artivism, local youth and community elders worked together to capture the stories and historical significance of San Francisco activism through art and oral history.