Poster and Vinyl Exhibition Featuring Levitation Artists and Bands

Extended through January!

The Haight Street Art Center is pleased to present a poster and vinyl exhibition featuring Levitation artists and bands. Levitation is an independent, artist owned platform for music and visual art based in Austin, TX. Many of the bands that are affiliated with the label have San Francisco roots- The OSEES, Ty Segall, The Soft Moon, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Acid King to name a few.

The posters featured are dazzling, brilliantly done screen prints that document national and international tours, festivals and shows. The artists are creative descendants from the psychedelic artists we know circa BGP. You will recognize some of the contributing artists, including local favorite Alan Forbes. The array of work is alluring to the eye, as well as an impressive example of high-level screen printing.

The group of the Brian Jonestown Massacre 2022 national tour posters are beautiful to see as a collection. They also serve as a reminder of the excitement of the return of live music as Covid restrictions lifted.

As part of the exhibition, we will be showcasing limited edition vinyl records. These gorgeous pressings of live “Levitation Sessions” are vibrant, psychedelic, art pieces. Our exhibition aims to shine a light on the way that vinyl records and the artwork that accompanies them appeals to multiple senses. A visual and tactile experience that creates a unique listening experience.

The Haight Street Art Center is honored to partner and feature the Levitation art and music collective who are resurrecting the psychedelic history of poster art and music.