Coming Soon - "2020" An Exclusive Online Art Show

Coming Soon - "2020" An Exclusive Online Art Show
Like the great Winston Smith once said,
“If you liked 1984, you’ll love 2020.”

Between events of the last six months and the six months just ahead, 2020 will be surely remembered for its losses, divisions, meltdowns and failures but also opportunities to make positive and necessary changes.  Let's hope it will also provide steps in a better direction.

HSAC  just reached our Third Anniversary. Recognizing today's challenges, we’ve produced an Exclusive Online Show, featuring an impressive display of rare works from 13 artists we’ve been honored to exhibit over the past three years. Since April, we’ve collected a diverse array of new, old and unexpected artworks...Posters, Drawings, Tests and Treasures…

Please stay tuned. In the next few days, we will announce the details surrounding HSAC’s Anniversary Show, simply entitled “2020.”

— Peter McQuaid
Haight Street Art Center