Interactive 'Hope Will Never Be Silent' poster by John Mavroudis

Interactive 'Hope Will Never Be Silent' poster by John Mavroudis


Together with Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza and the San Francisco arts non-profit Illuminate, John Mavroudis and Haight Street Art Center have produced the Hope Will Never Be Silent commemorative poster to honor Harvey Milk on the 40th Anniversary of his historic 1977 election as California’s first openly gay elected official this November 8. That date also marks the 20th Anniversary of San Francisco’s first unfurling of Gilbert Baker’s Giant Rainbow Flag above Harvey Milk Plaza.

Featuring the many colors of the Rainbow Flag, the poster was designed to commemorate the Hope Will Never Be Silent celebration while acknowledging dozens of key historical figures and events. 

“The Haight Street Art Center reconnects us to the social power of the poster,” said Illuminate founder Ben Davis. “John Mavroudis has created an instant masterpiece. Timely yet timeless. Arresting yet peaceful. His poster is a work of art in itself. It is a provocation to let your eye linger and your mind explore.”

Of the design, poster artist illustrator John Mavroudis says,

Obviously, there's no way to capture all of history in one piece of art, but I tried to make it representative... and it was an interesting journey learning about so many along the way—so many amazing people with so many amazing stories. I hope that it inspires people to keep alive the hope that Harvey often spoke of. I also hope it will comfort youngsters, many of who have to go through so much unnecessary trauma, to be strong and know that there are so many role models who have done so many amazing things in this world. They are truly not alone.

In celebration of this historic confluence, a large public gathering is expected to witness the unveiling of two light sculptures by Illuminate. “Harvey’s Halo” will temporarily display rainbow-colored light beams at the intersection of Market and Castro streets, while a neon sign reading “Hope Will Never Be Silent,” a phrase attributed to Milk, will be permanent.