In Community Pop-Ups


The Haight Street Art Center serves community with education, exhibitions, events and community outreach. Drawing upon music, art, and social and political counterculture history, we provide a space that bridges communities through social activism and artistic expression.  

We believe that our In Community Pop-up programming has the power to bring groups of individuals together to engage in memorable experiences. Our interactive program that is approachable and accessible to diverse communities and provides a voice for local artists, bringing people together through artmaking, discussion, and storytelling. We believe that validating and amplifying people’s experiences through artmaking has the power to unite communities.   

Our vehicle for delivering these experiences is through screen printing. At each event, we set up for interactive screen printing, working with an artist and our screen printers to allow participants to learn about the art, learn about the process, and pull a print themselves! We have popped up for screen printing events in the Lower Haight, Golden Gate Park Botanical Gardens, SF Ferry Building, Fort Mason Center, Cal Academy of Sciences, Outside Lands, and in our own Community Garden. Our range of topics include; Indigenous People’s Day, Farm Workers Rights, Food Equity, Trans Visibility, and Women’s BIPOC Empowerment. The posters that are produced are free to the community and serve as a souvenir of the event. 

Interested in scheduling a screen prinitng pop-upwith us? Email: