Through June, 2023-
The Haight Street Art Center is proud to present the powerful display of "Via Dolorosa, The 14 Stations of Tyre Nichols," by John Mavroudis."Via Dolorosa, Latin for "Sorrowful Way" or "Way of Suffering," represents the route believed to have been taken on his journey to crucifixion. John pulls inspiration for this display from his experience "walking the Stations of the Cross" at church. He states, "when I read about the death of Tyre Nichols, two things flashed before me, the death of George Floyd and walking the Stations of the Cross. Whereas the death of George Floyd could be depicted in a single horrible image, Tyre's death was a series of horrific events."
As we continue to grapple with the injustice and police brutality that exists in our society, we invite activism through art making into our Print Studio. We hope you can stop by. “Via Dolorosa” will be on display in our lower level gallery through June, 2023.