PSYCHOBIODELICA: The Graphic World of Mark Dean Veca

PSYCHOBIODELICA: The Graphic World of Mark Dean Veca


For much of his childhood, Mark Dean Veca called the Bay Area home. He is currently based in Los Angeles, but his illustrious career as an artist has taken him around the world and back.

With a diverse portfolio of drawings, paintings, prints, and murals, Veca has mastered a signature style—grounded in mesmerizing line-work and psychedelic patterns—that imposes deeper reflection on the duality and scale of his subjects. Haight Street Art Center is excited to present PSYCHOBIODELICA, an exhibit that looks into how Veca's art has found its place in the world of gig posters.

In conjunction with Agent Ink Gallery, we are proud to welcome Mark Dean Veca back to the Bay Area. Please join us from 6pm to 8pm on Saturday, December 2nd for the opening reception of PSYCHOBIODELICA at the Haight Street Art Center.

 Free to the public. Show runs through January 23, 2018 in the Haight Street Gallery. Open Wednesday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

Check out photos from the opening reception here.

Timelapse video of Mark Dean Veca painting our walls for the exhibit: