Silence of the Good - Mari Tepper


Mari Tepper

Photo: TRPS Festival

One of the most iconic artists of the San Francisco poster scene of the 1960s, Mari Bianca Tepper worked for Bill Graham and many important concert venues in the city. A strong proponent of women’s rights, sustainable living, and mental health care, Tepper has made art that contributed to the cultural discourse as well as serving as an activist and organizer around these issues. She has lived and worked in California and New Mexico, and has illustrated album covers, books, and posters for decades. 

Artist Statement:

I grew up in San Francisco during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. My mother was an activist. She took me to picket lines when I was fourteen. As I a child of atheist Jews, I didn’t have any concept of belief systems or community. The environment of the movement introduced me to people with beliefs who took action to make change. These early experiences have guided me throughout my life. I’m still an activist. I’m also in search of the fourth primary color, which I believe could open doors for cures to our illnesses in our lifetime. 

Pronouns: She/Her


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