Girl Mobb

Girl Mobb


Girl Mobb creates challenging aggressive murals on broad social themes, such as the relationships among women, the state, and the natural environment; the roles of death and fate in spirituality; and how we engage with technology and each other in public and private spaces. Her signature graphic style can be seen in her fine art pieces and in her public works projects, executed primarily with spray paint.

Originally from Cincinnati, Girl Mobb made the San Francisco Bay Area her home in 2008. Since then she has contributed dozens of mural-scale public works there and across the country. She holds a BFA in Painting from Academy of Art University, San Francisco.  

Responding to the dearth of female perspectives in the current street arts scene, particularly among muralists and other public artists, in 2017 Girl Mobb founded Graffiti Camp for Girls, which provides a range of programming and mentoring experiences to build the confidence and skills in young women creating large-scale spray paint murals. Since its inception, she has led over two dozen camps and workshops in the Bay Area, across the country, and even internationally. Each camp culminates in a completed mural by its participants. Her vision is a world full of female perspectives and creations on the streets and in public spaces.

Pronouns: She/her

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