Jennaé Bennett

Jennaé Bennett


Jennaé Bennett AKA Je ‘Noodle’ is a multidimensional artist whose lifelong catalogue of ‘Noodle ARTifacts’ spans across vast visual and auditory fields. Among Noodle’s many ventures, she’s been a poster artist and live painter for over a decade, collaborating with numerous artists, venues, and non-profits. Whether in the studio or a live performance, ‘noodling’ is the core of her process, creating most pieces from a stream of consciousness.  

Jennaé’s more politically charged pieces are driven by her passion to create conversation about the undressed wounds within humanity and the natural environment. A childhood love of impressionism and dark-humored cartoons is exposed within her unique style, which balances the light and the dark. Interested in becoming an Art Therapist, she explored many mediums while earning a BA at UCSC. Jennaé believes creative expression is highly medicinal and provides a window to the soul.

Pronouns: She/her

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